Simple make perfect.

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"I, who wants to live, met a woman who wants to die. We are clearly very different. But for some reason… at that moment, that woman seemed like me. For the first time, I became curious about that woman." -Oh Soo

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O Allah,

For too long now I have lived my life carelessly, but I ask you now, to forgive me for when I eat, as I do not always say Bismillah, and to forgive me when I awake, as I do not always say Alhamdullah, and to forgive for when I stare or swear, for I do not always say Astaghfurallah.


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Anonymous asked: Have any tips on memorizing the quran ?


i asked my brother, who’s a hafidh, alhumdulillah, and this is what he says:

  • protect your gaze (this is the most crucial thing)
  • make duaa for others that Allah makes them hafidh, so the angels will make the same duaa for you 
  • respect your asatadha (teachers)
  • leave music, because the love of music and the love for the quran cannot be in the same heart
  • make the intention, and just start with a small surah, go over the translation, read the arabic over and over again until you’ve memorized it, listen to a recitation if it’ll help
  • recite whatever you memorize in prayer so you’ll retain it 

may Allah write your name among those who preserve His Book. :)

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It is not only by posting Islamic quotes that will make you a muslim. It is not about showing the world you are a believer, it’s only about practise toward Allah. Lately, I’ve seen so many “muslim” people pretending to believe in Allah by posting so many religious quotes, posts, pictures but dear brothers and sisters, do not focuse on showing how strong your love is for Allah to people, but if you truly do love and believe in Allah, you first have to show it to Him, don’t seek to impress the creation firstly, instead, be thankful to your Creator, Lord Subhana Wa Taala, then you could share your love for Allah. Practise before preaching. Prayer is your greatest weapon. Stay blessed Insha Allah.
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